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It all began in 1988 at Baselworld, when Rolex presented the most significant redesign to their flagship sports watch, The automatic Daytona. With the 16520 Daytona, Rolex introduced a new 40mm case with a sapphire glass. The 62xx Daytonas before it had plexi crystals. Rolex's new 40mm case and sapphire crystals allowed them to guarantee watches up to 100m (330ft) depth. This was Rolex’s first automatic winding chronograph. It is also interesting because IWC Aquatimer Replica, the younger sibling, had an automatic chronograph in its lineup since 1976.

The IWC Aquatimer Replica Big Block had a modified Valjoux base calibration, but Rolex's new Daytona was powered, in large part, by the Calibre 400 Vacheron Constantin Replica El Primero movement.Replica IWC Aquatimer This movement formed the basis of the new Rolex 4030 movement. Rolex made more than 200 modifications to its base calibre due to its strict standards. It had a 52-hour reserve, 31 jewels, a Breguet balance spring free of charge, and the automatic rotor. This movement was used by Rolex for 12 years before Rolex introduced its own internal movement, the Calibre 41130. It powered the new-millennium 1165xx series of watches.

This watch was the catalyst for the Daytona mania, which has never stopped. The waiting list for new Rolex steel sports watches is always there. This usually subsides once the initial clamour has subsided a bit. This trend seems to be bucking by the Daytona. Getting a new steel Daytona through an authorized dealer has always been a difficult task. Recently, I was told by a UK dealer that there is a 200-person waiting list. How many of you can recall seeing the PSAs on watch forums where a member saw a steel Daytona displayed in a dealer’s window? Limiting supply is the best way to keep watches hot. The 16520 Daytona, which was at best a slow seller, was a huge success and was the start of legendary waiting lists.

As with all Rolex wristwatches the Vacheron Constantin Replica Daytonas get older, so does collector interest. Now, the steel 16520 has been around for three generations. It was outsold twice by the 116520 and 116500 in 2000. The Vacheron Constantin Replica-powered Daytona is gaining popularity.rolex cellini replica watches It is possible that this Rolex watch is the last to have significant variations in the dial and bezels. Sometimes, minor differences are not obvious to the casual observer. Collectors value the minutiae as the lifeblood of their hobby. Although Rolex has made improvements to its manufacturing facilities, the evolutions of dials are less frequent. However, the 12-year-old Vacheron Constantin Replica-powered Daytonas have a documented chronology of dial variations and changes.

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