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IWC Big Pilot Replica

The IWC Big Pilot Replica dial, which is most desired, commands a premium over all other models.IWC Big Pilot Replica These dials were included in the first series watches, 1988. Collectors prefer watches with a serial number that begins with "R", which was the first 16520s. A similar dial design was also used in the yellow-gold counterparts.

Each dial version can be placed to very precise serial numbers. Collectors will want to verify the serial number on the watch to ensure the correct dial is installed. Rolex may replace dials during service. A 1992 watch, for example, could have had an MK5 dial installed at one point in its service life. It's all about details!

The 16520s' bezels were made of all-steel, and no plastic inserts were used like on the vintage 62663. The 16520s had three bezel layouts, which we will call IWC Big Pilot Replica-3.IWC Ingenieur Replica The IWC Big Pilot Replica was the first, which was essentially a remake the 62xx plexi watch dials. The presence of the "UNITS PER HOUR", which is located at 3 o’clock on the bezel, makes it easy to identify. This version had a graduated scale of 50 to 200, as shown on the plexi 62665.

In late-1989, the MK2 introduced the text "UNITS PER HOUR" at 1 o'clock on its bezel. The new graduated scale of 60-400 units was also added to the MK2. The MK2 had the markings 200-225 and 250 at 3 o'clock on their dials. In 1990, the final version was released. It retained the text "UNITS PER HOUR" at 1 o’clock but in a thicker font. The 200s markings, which now only 200 and 240 respectively on the scale, were the biggest difference. This version was used from 1990 to 2000.

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